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Pasadena One Year Baby Photoshoot – Nikki at 1

It was such a joy photographing Nikki at her one year baby photoshoot in my Pasadena home studio! I’ve actually been photographing the Pan family for years, beginning with their oldest daughter, Riley (see more from her shoot in the post Birth of My First Born) and more recently when Nikki was born (see Becoming Parents of Three). It’s been amazing to watch their family grow!

As Mom and Dad added one sweet girl after another to their family, there was one constant through it all—their adorable fur baby, Leroy! He is such a watchful caretaker for the little ones (even though the older girls are now bigger than he is), and the girls are so lucky to grow up with him as their furry big brother. 

One thing that stood out to me about this photoshoot was that it was a one year photoshoot for the Pans’ third baby! I’m sure most families don’t set out with the intention of doing milestone photoshoots and going all-out for their first babies, then letting those things fall by the wayside for the younger ones—but it happens and it’s understandable! Life is so much busier with three kids, and yet Mom and Dad put in the effort to make things just as special for Nikki as they did for oldest sister Riley. It warms my heart to think of Nikki looking back at these photos years later and seeing her place in the family and how much she was loved.

Every child is a gift and it’s absolutely worth it to document the growth of your family every step of the way. If you’re expecting your second or third (or more) child, and it feels overwhelming to plan and execute a whole photoshoot, you can leave that all to us! We brought in the balloons, which was a simple way to add some color and bring about those delightful smiles. We can plan a one year baby photoshoot that is as simple or elaborate as you want—reach out today and let’s get started!