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Pasadena Newborn Baby Photographer

As a newborn baby photographer, I love that I can facilitate sessions that are an opportunity for families to focus on their new baby. Baby Audrey’s newborn session was so relaxed and sweet, as you can see in these photos!

Her mom, Vanessa, really got to savor these quiet moments, soaking in the snuggles and pampering her little mini-me!

The fact that Vanessa brought Baby Audrey alone actually happened by accident—she also has a toddler-aged son, but due to scheduling, he couldn’t come along. While we couldn’t get any family shots or capture those precious sibling interactions, it was kind of nice that Audrey got to have her own little moment! For younger siblings, moments when they get to be the center of attention are naturally harder to come by, unless you intentionally plan for them. While older siblings are awesome, sometimes it’s nice to give the younger sibling their own space to shine!

Vanessa had a really cute idea to dress Audrey up as if she were going to the Korean spa and came ready with a robe and all the accessories. However, since she needed to be swaddled to sleep (we often encourage newborns to nap during their session so we can get those sleepy shots), we decided to do keep the swaddle and do a Korean head wrap instead. We thought she still came out looking super cute and refreshed!

If you’re looking for a Pasadena newborn baby photographer, I’d love to connect with you! It’s never too early to start planning for the newborn session, especially if you’re set on having those adorable shots of baby all curled up and sleepy enough for us to do fun poses with. Check out my posts The Best Time to Schedule Your Newborn Session and Prepping for a Successful Newborn Session for more tips!