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ABCsons Garage Sessions

Back to school sure looks different this year… celebrate the new school year with our ABCsons Garage sessions!

For a limited time, we will bring our popular sets and props to your garage for a safe, socially distant photo session.

What is ABCsons, you ask?

ABCsons, pronounced A-B-seasons, is an immersive experience created by Magic Paper Studios for your child to be the star of their very own personalized ABC picture book.

With the full experience, your child gets to be part of 4 seasonal photo shoots – Spring and Summer will be shot now, and Fall and Winter shot in the winter. 

Each season has it’s own hand-illustrated set with props that highlight 6-7 letters, collectively completing the alphabet and bound into a personalized and creative ABC book. Watch your child grow from A to Z!

Though the highlight is seeing all the photos come together to show your child’s growth through the custom alphabet book, each photo stands alone wonderfully as a print as well. Frame these around your house and nursery!

How does the garage session work?

Since we’re still uncertain how long stay at home orders will last, we will be bringing the sets to you this summer for garage sessions!

Get the ABCsons experience from the comfort of your own home!

Don’t have a garage?

No problem, you can borrow ours. 

Limited spots available so contact me to secure yours today!

For more information, be sure to check out ABCsons and Magic Paper Studios!