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3 Reasons Why You Should Do a Studio Portrait Before the Birthday Party

They say timing is everything, so when it comes to planning a photo shoot with Chook Celebrations, we wanted to offer 3 reasons why you should do a studio portrait before the birthday party. We love and appreciate any opportunity to photograph your children and family, but we are also all for helping you make choices to ensure that the pictures are awesome and everyone has a good time. It can be tempting to schedule a photo shoot in conjunction with a birthday party, as everyone’s already assembled and it provides a fun activity for guests. We’ve definitely had some successful shoots during birthday parties, but if you have the flexibility to schedule your child’s portrait before his/her party, here are our top reasons why you should:

1. Children Have Limited Bandwidth

When it comes to photographing little ones, happy kids are our #1 priority! We know that kids generally have a limited bandwidth and can only tolerate so much at any given time. Unless you are the ultimate extrovert, you can probably relate to the feeling of being a bit tired after a party. Now imagine being a baby who is being asked to be cooperative and on his/her best behavior for a photo shoot while there’s a boisterous party in the background. It won’t matter how beautiful the set is if the child is overtired and grumpy. Considering how important it is to keep the subject of our photo shoot happy, it’s worth it to plan a separate time when he/she can just focus on being at a beautiful and novel set and explore in a relaxed setting.

2. You Can Be More Present for Each Event

As you probably know, adults also have a limited bandwidth for what they can handle without feeling overstretched. It can be stressful trying to manage a birthday party at the same time as a photo shoot! At the birthday party, you’ll want to be present for all of the special moments that only come around once and enjoy being with your guests. Scheduling your portrait session at a separate time in our studio allows you to just focus on the experience of the shoot. Clients also tend to find studio sessions more relaxing because it’s a controlled environment where we take care of all the details—all you have to do is show up!

3. You Can Use the Pictures for the Party

Many parents love to print and display photos of their child as décor for the party, so it would be extra special and convenient to have some professional shots ready to go! Your studio portraits would also be handy to use for custom thank you cards to send to your guests after the party.

We hope these 3 reasons why you should do a studio portrait before the birthday party gives you some food for thought when considering how to schedule your child’s birthday photo shoot. Whatever you decide works best for your family, we can work with you to make an awesome portrait shoot happen—get in touch with us today!